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Reseller's Application (PDF format)


Printer Repair


 Tech Support




Interested in joining the growing family of KACO resellers?  To find out if you qualify, please print, fill out and fax this form back to KACO at (262)728-5566, KACO representative will contact you shortly.

Reseller's Application
Please fill form out completely and return to KACO, you will be contacted by a KACO Reseller Representative

 Other Business Forms (PDF format)

Confidential Business Credit Application
Required for resellers who wish to, and qualify for, terms.

Credit Card Charge Authorization & Agreement
For those resellers wishing to purchase by credit card.

General Business Information
    Information about ordering, technical support, liability limits, discounts, delivery and warranties.

KACO laser printer maintenance programs

Return Materials Authorization
    KACO requires that returned items receive, and be accompanied by, a completed RMA form.

Technical Support Programs
     Detailed information on KACO's Technical Support Programs.

Thank you for your continued support and business.  If you need assistance or have any questions about any of our PDF format forms contact your KACO representative at (262)728-8637, (888)315-5220, Fax (262)728-5566

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