KACO IT Services encompasses the integration of many forms of computer hardware and software technology to create, manipulate, store, exchange and utilize information, data, voice and imagery.



KACO Managed Cloud Computing services are designed to allow our clients to utilize cloud servers freeing up local resources.  Professionally managed cloud services using onsite hardware and software can provide your business with a variety of user friendly cost effective and secure access IT activities utilizing the latest software applications, data security protection and other amenities including

♦  Real-time online, cost effective, flexible, secure data storage & backup

Web based email services with archiving, file storage, mobile access, spam & virus protection

 Office suite applications available with

Business class email w/ 50GB mailboxes

HD video conferencing

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher

1TB OneDrive data storage



Build a powerful IT platform with a KACO designed and managed IT Infrastructure fully equipped with state of the industry

 Servers, workstations, laptops, tablets and other wired & wireless devices

Custom designed servers and computers

Laser, large format printers and scanners

 Bridges, firewalls, hubs, gateways, repeaters, routers, switches, wired &  wireless access points

 Related hardware and software - all  designed to meet your business needs

VoIP (Voice Over IP)


Modern, smart offices require phones that provide voice & HD video including:

     High quality & ease of operation

   ♦  Provide multiple business applications

   ♦  Integrate with hardware & software

   ♦  Support mobile operations

KACO full service starts @ $30/month/line


Systems Security

IT System Security is made up of many hardware and software components all working together to protect the network from emerging threats.  KACO recommends

Firewalls to block unauthorized network access
Intrusion prevention to identify and stop fast spreading threats
Virtual private networks for secure remote access

With custom designed network security installed your network will be protected against business disruption, meet regulatory compliance standards and protect sensitive business data

Components of a typical Facility Security system would include

   Access Control Systems

Intrusion detection & prevention 

Biometric access controls to record entry & exit, prevent theft

   Video Management Systems (VMS)

 Intelligent HD video surveillance solutions

   Mobile Access





Document Digitizing Services


Document digitizing converts paper documents into multiple digital formats including: text, html, xml, pdf, jpeg, tiff and many others which can be transferred to DVD, HDD, the Cloud and others.  These documents are easily & securely shared with anyone, anywhere in the world.  The many benefits to digitizing include:

    ♦  Document preservation & security

    ♦  Secure storage, retrieval & duplication

    ♦  Universal  compatibility

    ♦  Low cost per document conversion



KACO offers a complete onsite or remote 24/7 network management and monitoring package for both local area (LAN) and wide area (VAN) networks including:

 Engineering, design and installation

Installation, configuration and maintenance of network hardware and software

 Network and hardware monitoring,  troubleshooting and repair

 User account administration

 Security and intrusion detection

 Data storage and backup

 Virtual private networking (VPN)

 Voice over IP internet protocol (VoIP)


KACO in-house, onsite, group or one on one training programs are custom designed to fit your business and employee needs.  Our professional technical staff will install, configure and train your employees on the real world use of current industry software applications including

QuickBooks Pro and Payroll

 Microsoft OS, 365 & Live

♦ Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari


Service  Agreements

KACO offers flexible 24/7 professional IT Service Agreements for both in-house or remote management of wired and wireless networks, servers, computers, laser printers, large format printers and related software and hardware

  Bronze Level - time and material with generous discounts for

pre-purchased hours

  Silver Level - planned / scheduled contracts for networks and hardware upgrades and maintenance

  Gold Level - contracted onsite professional service technician for effective total professional IT services without the employee expense